Learn French in France with our intensive French immersion course for adults

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Advice for post Brexit travel

French immersion for keen learners...

Tucked away in the winding medieval streets of this ancient town, we offer residential intensive French courses to keen adult learners wishing to make a leap in the the language by immersing themselves in French life.

 French language holidays for adults in France

A French immersion course designed for adults...

Our immersion holiday courses are a great way of meeting other adults with a common interest.

Our qualified local French teachers are experienced at teaching adults and will share with you their passion and enthusiasm for the French language and French culture.

Residential French course for adults

With French courses designed to be fun, we'll make sure that you get plenty of opportunity to enjoy the local cuisine in a convivial atmosphere, along with a programme of excursions to some of the Lot and Dordogne regions' best-known sites (as well as one or two that you might otherwise miss out on!). Gourdon itself is a great little typical French town in a stunning area of rural France, with shops, restaurants, a cinema, sports facilities and several estate agents if you are also here to house hunt.

Whether you are looking to move to France, live in France already, want to increase your enjoyment of French holidays or need to polish up for work purposes, there are real benefits to choosing an intensive French course.

French course in France for adults

An intensive French course in France needn't be all hard work and no play...

A residential French course is a great way of consolidating previous language courses and making maximum progress in a short time. Our intensive course is designed to focus on the language tools needed to build real two-way conversation. We also work on your French pronunciation so that you will be able to speak French with more confidence.

French immersion programs for adults

Learn French at your own level...

We give each of our students a French assessment to complete before the course, to help with organisation and to ensure each person is in a group with others of a similar level.

Unlike some other French courses, it is possible for you to be in one tuition group while your travel companion is in another. We all come together at coffee break and for the lunches and excursions.

Can't get here? Try our tuition on Skype instead!

Intensive French course in France for adults

French language holidays will really get you talking!

By the end of the week you should be able to think more easily in French and speak French with greater ease and enjoyment.

Residential French language course for adults

A French course to suit you!

We offer three different French courses for you to choose from. Our Full French Course is aimed at beginner through to advanced students (grouped according to ability) and whilst we will cover grammar points if required, the emphasis is on communication with French conversation skills and excursions. Our Free Time Course takes into account that some of you already live locally and will have opportunities outside of the course to hear and speak French, or that you are perhaps on holiday with family or friends not attending the French course and need free afternoons to do other things. Our Top-up French Course is an intensive one-on-one course for students who want to focus on a particular goal.

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Intensive French immersion course for adults in France
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Looking for French language holidays aimed at adults? Try our intensive French course in France and visit some of the best sites in the Lot & Dordogne!