5 quick French festive greetings

Here are a few simple festive greetings to use without moderation!

Here in the South-West of France, our friends and neighbours start around now proffering Christmas greetings, just in case we don't happen to see each other between now and the 25th. We find that these following greetings are the most popular and can be embellished according to the person and the occasion...

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#1. Bonnes fêtes de fin d'année !

A great catch-all greeting, literally meaning "Happy end of year celebrations!". This is the go-to greeting for people who are heading off for several weeks to visit the family and who we won't see until well into January.


#2. Joyeuses fêtes !

"Joyous celebrations!". As with #1, but this greeting will cover you for Christmas alone, or for the New Year combined.

#3. Meilleurs vœux !

Meaning "Best wishes!", this one will have you practising your vowel sounds!

#4. Joyeux Noël !

"Merry Christmas!"

#5. Bonne année !

Use this greeting liberally to all around you from the 26th December right up to the 31st January, but be careful to only say it once to each person as you see them or they might think you are forgetful! Don't hesitate to reel off a string of greetings... "Bonne année, bonne santé ! Meilleurs vœux !..."

If you like to send cards, you might like to know that the French are not in the habit of sending Christmas cards! If you want to do it the French way, think to send a New Year's card instead! But like everywhere, less and less cards are sent each year and these 5 greetings will stand you in good stead for your email and Facebook stand-ins!

Nous vous souhaitons de bonnes fêtes de fin d'année et surtout une bonne santé à toutes et à tous !