Tomorrow it's La Chandeleur in France. We find out what this event represents and how to make a crêpe like an expert...



La Chandeleur, or Candlemass, is a Christian celebration which always falls on 2nd February of each year, 40 days after Christmas.


It has it's foundations in the Jewish tradition of parents presenting first-born boys at the temple 40 days after birth. During this 40 day period the mother is considered impure and only on this 40th day may she present herself to the temple, to make an animal sacrifice and to regain her purity.


The gospel of Luke says that when Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the temple, Simeon was the first person to recognise Jesus as the Messiah. The candles after which Candlemass is named celebrates that Jesus is the light of the world and also signifies the purity of the Virgin Mary.



In popular French culture, La Chandeleur, as with Mardi Gras, is the day when everyone eats crêpes, or pancakes. It is said that the pancakes, with their round shape and golden color reminiscent of the sun, refer to the return of Spring after the dark and cold of Winter.

As the first crêpe is cooked it is tradition to flip it several times, while holding a coin in the other hand, in order to bring happiness and prosperity.


As we are all aware, the French take food very seriously! So no surprise that we were able to find the following video of a maître-crêpier, or master pancake maker, to show us how to do it like a pro! If you find it a little too fast, try slowing it down by clicking the video's settings icon in the bottom righthand corner:




May your crêpes bring forth Spring, happiness and prosperity!


Bon appetit!