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Learn French with an intensive, friendly language course in the Lot & Dordogne area of France!
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Giles at the school
Welcome to the French Residential newsletter, with language tips, news from the school and some of what's happening in Gourdon... Enjoy your read!

Giles Murray
Reading French
Reading tip: Why not improve your French vocabulary whilst cooking up something deliciously French? Following a French recipe will not only bring French flavour to your table but will also allow you to understand a French menu with greater ease and to discuss dishes with French waiters. We like Cuisine à la Française for its vast recipe bank.
News from the school...
Here at French Residential, we decided it was time to fait du cinéma (make a movie or act up!), and thanks to the students on our 30th April - 4th May course we were able to do exactly that!
Take a look at our short video to find out more about a typical day on our courses...
Listening to French
Listening tip:
Reading while listening can be a good way for beginner and intermediate learners to "hook in" to what's being said. At the site Language Guide there are a number of readings that enable you to hide or view the text as you listen. You can also mouse over some words for an instant translation.
What's new in Gourdon...
Lo Vinotier is our local cave à vin and has just reopened following refurbishment. Run by the knowledgable Florent Liard, you can expect to always receive a cheery welcome and a trustworthy recommendation! We will soon be incorporating a visit here on some of our courses in the near future, so that you can sample the wines of South-West France. The only trouble is, it's uphill back to the classroom after!
The work to Gourdon's tour-de-ville is now entering its final stages and we can see it's really starting to take shape. The new, wider, pedestrian-friendly pavements and spacious café terraces have given a real lift to the town centre and made it altogether a more agreable space in which to flâner or lambiner (dawdle), bavarder or taper la causette (chinwag) and generally soak up la bonne ambiance!
Writing French
Writing tip: Even the most confident French writers, including the French themselves, can have a crisis of confidence when writing condolence cards or formal letters. When you really can't afford to slip up, we recommend that you look to resources such as L'OBS, which give suggested letter wordings that you can adapt to your situation.
Speaking French
Speaking tip: In France, bonjour, or bonsoir (after 6pm) are just as important as please and thank you. Surly waiters and shopkeepers (and the dreaded official) all become much more amenable when you take the time to smile and say "hello". Why? Because in France you must consider yourself to be chez eux (at their place). To walk in and not say hello is, well, rude! Try it and see for yourselves!
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