How to talk about the good weather in French

As with other parts of Europe, France has been experiencing some very hot, sunny days. There are a few stormy days forecast, but then the hot weather is set to continue! Of course this gives the locals lots to talk about. Here's a run down of how to talk about hot weather in French, so that you can join in the conversation!




Good weather expressions:


Il fait chaud - It's hot

Il y a du soleil - It's sunny

Il fait beau - It's nice weather

Les beaux jours sont arrivés - The nice weather is here

Les orages d'été - Summer storms

Ça cogne - It's beating down

Ça tape - It's beating down

Il fait 30 degrés - It's 30 degrees

La température est de trente degrés - The temperature is 30 degrees

Il fait un soleil de plomb - The sun is blazing

"En juin, tu te vêtiras d’un rien!" - "In June you can wear very little!"

"Chaleur d’août, c’est du bien partout!" - "In the heat of August, all is well!"

Qu’est-ce que ça étouffe! - It's stifling!

Le jour est ensoleillé - It's a sunny day

Quel temps magnifique! - What magnificent weather!

Un coup de soleil - Sunburn

Un ciel bleu - A blue sky

Une vague de chaleur - A heatwave

La canicule* - Heat wave 



*For French meteorologists, the term canicule refers to a specific phenomenon and has the same linguistic root as "dog days" in English.


To officially qualify as a canicule, temperatures must exceed certain thresholds, day and night, for at least three days - and three nights - in a row. These thresholds are re-evaluated annually by Météo France and the Institut de veille sanitaire.


In particular, they are based on mortality data, different meteorological indicators and the location of a city, because the qualification of heat wave associates meteorological conditions and health risks.


In Paris, for example, the heatwave in 2017 was at 31°C during the day and 21°C at night.



Image : French public safety information



Checklist for surviving the heat:


Un maillot (de bain) - Swim suit

Des lunettes de soleil - Sunglasses

La crème solaire - Sun cream

L'ombre - Shade

Un endroit ombragé - A shady spot

De l'eau - Water

Un chapeau / une casquette - A hat / a baseball cap



Checking the forecast:


Un bulletin météo - A weather report
Les prévisions - The forecast
La météo or le temps - The weather
Il fait quel temps dehors? - What’s the weather like?
Ils annoncent... - They say it's going to...


Here is a recent weather forecast of the weather we've been having here in France.  If you find it a little too fast, try slowing it down by clicking the video's settings icon in the bottom righthand corner.



So now you have all the vocabulary and advice you need for enjoying the hot weather, profitez-en!