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Learn French with an intensive, friendly language course in the Lot & Dordogne area of France!
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Giles at the school
Welcome to the French Residential newsletter, with language tips, news from the school and some of what's happening in Gourdon... Enjoy your read!

Giles Murray
Reading French
Reading tip: If you are looking for short articles to read in French on a diverse range of subjects, try Overblog. Bloggers write about anything from lifesyle and culture to sport and business so you can keep up-to-date with your favourite subjects and learn how to discuss them in French at the same time.
News from the school...
For those of you who have been on our courses this summer, you'll have seen our newly designed factsheets. Written by us and with our students in mind, each factsheet presents the history and main features of the places we will be visiting, along with a vocabulary list of useful words.
Given to you on your arrival in Gourdon, they enable you to prepare the visits in your own time, so that you can get the maximum benefit out of each visit and really start to get behind the scenes of the major sites.
Tell us what you think about
French Residential!
We are keen to get your feedback, to help us improve our communication and review our course content. If you have been on one of our courses, please spare 5 minutes to tell us what you really think. All survey responses are anonymous, so don't hold back!
Listening to French

Listening tip: Watch short video clips in French and then test how much you understood with  tv5monde. Excercises are graded by difficulty according to CEFR levels and transcriptions are also available so that you can listen and read along if you wish to.
What's new in Gourdon...
Gourdon's heritage centre, La Maison du Sénéchal, is now being presented by Anne-Marie. Some of you may remember her, as she helped teach our courses a few years ago!

She'll be explaining the culture and heritage of the town to the centre's many visitors over the summer months.
Moving away from teaching French to follow her passion for history, Anne-Marie will then be pursuing a masters degree course in Patrimoine, at college in Cahors, part of Toulouse University.

We wish her all the best in her new career!
Writing French
Writing tip: When typing in French, you will of course need to use French accents. With an AZERTY keyboard (as used in France), this is easy, as the accents are labelled. With a QWERTY keyboard, however, this is a bit more complicated. ThoughtCo has a useful article on how it can be done. You might also consider changing your keyboard!
Speaking French
Speaking tip: The BBC has a useful set of excercises for improving your conversation skills at GCSE level. These range from simple listen and repeat, to simulating a two-way conversation, with prompts to encourage you to develop your answers further. You can find the resource here.
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