French Residential's advent calendar!


Did your New Year's Resolution to improve your French fall by the wayside? Well it's not too late yet!

Follow our advent calendar throughout December as each day we unveil a Christmas-themed video. We have songs, comedy, recipes and more to get you in the mood for all things festive, à la française !

Hurrah! The French Residential Advent Calendar begins today!

French language holidays

To Kick things off, here is a video with French comedian Cyprien. He shares with us some of his Christmas highs and Lo Ho Hos. . .

French language holidays in France


It's day two of our advent calendar and today Barbara sings us a song about a bitter-sweet Christmas. . .

French language holidays in France for adults


Do you know your guirlande from your traîneau? Today we go back to basics with some festive French vocabulary.

French course in France

Christmas markets are taking place all over France. In todays video, we discover the celebrated Marché de Noël in Strasbourg . . .


We are deeply saddened to hear of the shootings at Strasbourg's Christmas market yesterday. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families.

French course in France for adults


Here's a novel idea for your Christmas apéro or drinks party finger food. Bon appétit !

French courses for adults in France


More comedy today, with this video on Christmas shopping for the family. Don't forget the mother-in-law!

Intensive French course in France


For today's advent offering, French legend Johnny Hallyday sings us a song of a Noël Interdit...

Intensive French course for adults in France


Settle down class!

It's time to learn some more French Christmas vocabulary. . .

Residential French course


Are you thinking about decorating the outside of your house this Christmas? Here's some inspiration for you!

Residential French course in France


A slap-up French gastronomic Christmas dinner for only 10€ per person? Ça sent bon !

Residential French course in France for adults


Learn how to create laughs this Christmas with Le Bureau  de l'Humour - it's a very serious business!

French school in France


A classic French delicacy gets a Christmas makeover in today's advent offering.

French school in France for adults

If you have put up your Christmas tree and want to sing a song of appreciation, it's time to learn the French version of this classic!

Learn French in France



Yes, French Christmas is different! But how?

Learn French in France for adults


What would happen if Le Père Noël didn't have his driving licence in time for his Christmas deliveries?

Intensive French course


You know the tune, now learn the lyrics in French!


Intensive French course in France


Fed up with Christmas pudding? Try something very different this year for guaranteed ooh là làs around the table. . .


Intensive French course in France for adults


Today's video finds out what Christmas means to the French these days. . .


French immersion


To complete your French themed Christmas, you'll be needing one of these on the table. . .


French immersion in France


We're on the home straight to Christmas and today we have some comedy with Norman. . .


French immersion in France for adults


In today's video Géraldine gives us the run down on Christmas greetings and messages...



Another comedy sketch today - what would happen if your ex hadn't told your ex-inlaws about the divorce? Awkward!


The French will eat their most important meal tomorrow (24th) and as you might expect there are some extraordinary things on the menu!



Come sit with us around the table for le Réveillon - there'll be food, gifts and family politics, with some laughs along the way!


French language holidays

It's Christmas morning, so it just remains for us to post this last video of Tino Rossi singing France's best loved Christmas song and to wish you a joyeux Noël from French Residential!

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