French cuisine · 16 April 2018
It's asparagus season here in Gourdon! But how much do we know about this fine vegetable? We get cooking with 'le légume royal'...

French language · 11 April 2018
Watch out for wolves in sheep's clothing! Things are not always as they seem and a familiar looking word can mean something else in French...

Places to visit · 23 March 2018
An inspirational garden for each day of the week (leaving the weekend free for gardening!)

French language · 14 March 2018
Spring has sprung here in Gourdon so we are busy in the garden (and brushing up on our French gardening vocab!)

Places to visit · 28 February 2018
As national voting opens we take a closer look at why Cahors deserves the title...

French language · 22 February 2018
The end of the week is approaching and a new month is just around the corner! Let's recap on how to talk about the time in French!

Places to visit · 16 February 2018
Here is our shortlist of the real stand outs! Each has a special reason to be visited, so every knight and every princess will find their perfect one!

French language · 12 February 2018
The French language is considered as one of the most romantic in the world, so we decided to brush up on our "petits mots d'amour", in celebration of La Saint Valentin...

Places to visit · 07 February 2018
Quite simply, Sarlat is the quintessential French town. It nestles in a picturesque valley in an area known as Le Périgord Noir...

French cuisine · 01 February 2018
Tomorrow it's La Chandeleur in France. We find out what this event represents and how to make a crêpe like an expert...

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