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French language · 01 December 2018
Follow our advent calendar throughout December as each day we unveil a Christmas-themed video. We have songs, comedy, recipes and more to get you in the mood for all things festive, "à la française" !

French cuisine · 26 October 2018
It's saffron harvest time here in the Lot. Known in France as "l'or rouge", at 30€ per gram "safran" is the most expensive spice there is.

French cuisine · 10 October 2018
Something is stirring in the forest... Could it be a crop of wild cèpe (porcini) mushrooms? We go on the trail of this legendary and much sought-after ingredient...

French cuisine · 23 September 2018
As walnut season comes around we take a look at the nut's history and its uses in the Lot and Dordogne...

French cuisine · 06 September 2018
The September wine fairs are starting all over France, so now's the time to buy. Here are some pointers on how to choose well...

French culture · 31 August 2018
More than just "back to school", la Rentrée is a major event in the French calendar that affects the whole of French society, not just school children and students.

French language · 04 July 2018
The hot weather is set to continue, giving the locals lots to talk about. With help from our handy guide, you can join in the conversation!

French language · 25 June 2018
Let's talk about it (in French, of course!). Here's a toolbox of 25 French expressions to use when you are not in the best of moods...

French cuisine · 07 June 2018
The South-West of France is one of the country's most productive strawberry growing areas. As early as March the first strawberries can be seen on the markets and can continue to be found even up until October. So we have many months ahead in which to enjoy this fabulous fruit!

French culture · 30 April 2018
There are 11 "jours fériés" or public holidays in France - 4 of which fall in May! We find out what they represent for the French...

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