French culture

French culture · 29 January 2018
We are getting in the Valentine's day mood here at French Residential! We have one pair of Doisneau quality reproductions to give away!

French culture · 31 December 2017
The final part in the series on how to keep your New Year's resolutions in French style!

French culture · 30 December 2017
In this third chapter, we look at how the French spend more time with friends and family and how they drink less alcohol...

French culture · 29 December 2017
In this second instalment we investigate how the French eat healthily and how they learn a new skill or hobby...

French culture · 28 December 2017
Part one: Find out how to exercise and lose weight in true French style!

French culture · 29 November 2017
What is “la délation” and why are French feminists unhappy with Emmanuel Macron’s use of this word? This week the “Big Mac” announced a number of measures to improve gender equality and tackle sexual harassment in France. . .