French language

French language · 10 February 2020
The French language is considered as one of the most romantic in the world, so we decided to brush up on our "petits mots d'amour", in celebration of La Saint Valentin...

French language · 20 January 2020
Are you learning French as effectively as you can? Have you tried the "little and often" approach? This article will give you 5 ways to do it better, every day!

French language · 12 December 2019
Here in the South-West of France, our friends and neighbours start around now proffering Christmas greetings... These 5 following greetings are the most popular...

French language · 07 September 2019
With the September wine fairs about to start up all over France, we dust off our wine vocabulary...

French language · 28 August 2019
Rummage for the right change and not the right words!

French language · 17 August 2019
These sayings get used a lot, so it's worth familliarising yourself with them, or risk being 'comme une poule qui a trouvé un couteau !'

French language · 05 August 2019
Brush up on your kitchen French to start cooking (and speaking) like a chef...

French language · 17 July 2019
It's not always what you say, but how you say it that matters...

French language · 28 February 2019
Perfect your French punctuation with our handy guide...

French language · 18 February 2019
We all know that French is the language of love, cooking, wine, art, music and fashion. But who speaks it nowadays?

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