French language

French language · 28 February 2019
Perfect your French punctuation with our handy guide...

French language · 18 February 2019
We all know that French is the language of love, cooking, wine, art, music and fashion. But who speaks it nowadays?

French language · 14 February 2019
The French language is considered as one of the most romantic in the world, so we decided to brush up on our "petits mots d'amour", in celebration of La Saint Valentin...

French language · 07 January 2019
With frequent reports of extreme weather from around the world, we look at how to talk about it in French...

French language · 01 December 2018
Follow our advent calendar throughout December as each day we unveil a Christmas-themed video. We have songs, comedy, recipes and more to get you in the mood for all things festive, "à la française" !

French language · 04 July 2018
The hot weather is set to continue, giving the locals lots to talk about. With help from our handy guide, you can join in the conversation!

French language · 25 June 2018
Let's talk about it (in French, of course!). Here's a toolbox of 25 French expressions to use when you are not in the best of moods...

French language · 18 June 2018
There are some easy rules when learning whether to use "le" or "la" with French nouns. It isn't exhaustive, but it will save you a lot of work!

French language · 11 April 2018
Watch out for wolves in sheep's clothing! Things are not always as they seem and a familiar looking word can mean something else in French...

French language · 14 March 2018
Spring has sprung here in Gourdon so we are busy in the garden (and brushing up on our French gardening vocab!)

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