13 December 2017
Here in the South-West of France, our friends and neighbours start around now proffering Christmas greetings... These 5 following greetings are the most popular...
29 November 2017
What is “la délation” and why are French feminists unhappy with Emmanuel Macron’s use of this word? This week the “Big Mac” announced a number of measures to improve gender equality and tackle sexual harassment in France. . .
07 November 2017
Are you having trouble understanding spoken French? If you have been learning French for a while but still can't follow a conversation, the problem is most likely that you are simply not hearing enough!
30 October 2017
Are you learning French as effectively as you can? Have you tried the "little and often" approach? This article will give you 5 ways to do it better, every day!
18 October 2017
Lights! Camera! Action! Extras required for the feature film "Notre-dame de la ZAD" being shot in Gourdon next month! Fancy being a peasant or a gendarme? -- Synopsis: Dans sa petite église de campagne, le Père Gabriel est interrompu en pleine messe. Camille, une jeune femme, aurait vu la Vierge. Mais ou ? Pas loin, en plein cœur de la ZAD, lieu d’occupation militante contre la construction d’une autoroute. Le jeune curé décide d’aller voir... -- If you fancy being involved, send an...
09 October 2017
Monday morning in Gourdon and we are catching up on a few more improvements to our website... Including this new blog page!