The Small Print


Terms & Conditions:


1. French Residential, French Language Courses in the Lot, SW France (the Course), is offered as a language-learning holiday subject to confirmation by Mr Giles Murray (the Course Director) to the visitor wishing to study French (the Student).


2. To reserve a place or places on the Course, the Student should complete and submit the Online Booking Form and send payment of the initial non-refundable deposit within 7 days of a booking request. The deposit is 200 euros per person for the Full French Course, 100 euros for the Free-time French Course and 170 euros for the Top-up French Course. Following receipt of the Booking Form and deposit, the Course Director will send a confirmation by email. This is the formal acceptance of the booking.

3. The balance of the Course fee (minus 130 euros per person - see Clause 4 below) is payable not less than 6 weeks before the start of the Course. If payment is not received by the due date, the Course Director reserves the right to give notice in writing that the reservation is cancelled. Reservations made within 6 weeks of the start of the Course require full payment at the time of booking.

4. Part of the balance of the Course fee (130 euros per person) is to be paid in cash upon arrival. This money goes into a "kitty" to pay for those meals which are included in the course. Any money left at the end of the week will be divided equally between the students on the course, unless the group decides unanimously to spend this money on something else. Please note that this does not apply for those booking a course with no meals (e.g. the Free-time French Course).

5. Subject to Clauses 2 and 3 above, in the event of a non-insurable cancellation by the Student, refunds of amounts paid will be made if the Course Director is able to find another Student to take the place on the Course. The Student is strongly recommended to arrange a comprehensive travel insurance policy (including cancellation cover) and to have full cover for the party's personal belongings, public liability etc., since these are not covered by the Course Director's insurance.

6. Should a student leave the Course before the end, no refund of amounts paid will be made by the Course Director, with one exception: there will be a cash refund from the 130 euros meal "kitty" (see Clause 4 above) equal to the amount yet to be spent.

7. The duration of the course is from 9am on Monday morning until 5.30pm on Friday afternoon. In addition, there will be a soirée with drinks to welcome students on the Sunday evening before the Course, and farewell tea/coffee on the Friday afternoon or farewell drinks on the Friday evening.


8. The timetable for each day consists of two one-and-a-half hour sessions in the classroom in the morning, with a coffee break; lunch at one of a number of local restaurants; accompanied outings and activities in the afternoon (except Wednesday afternoon - see Clause 9 below); and free time in the evenings.


9. Wednesday afternoons are free time, but the Student can use the time to take part in an unaccompanied activity or outing suggested by the Course Director.


10. The Course fee includes: assessment of the Student's linguistic ability prior to commencement of the Course; 15 hours of classroom tuition; teaching materials such as print-offs and factsheets; five lunches with French conversation; four accompanied outings; transport and entrance to attractions; and pick up / drop off at Gourdon train station before and after the course. For the Free-Time French Course, only the 15 hours of tuition are included. Additional meals can be added on a pro-rata basis.


11. Payment of the Course fee does not entitle the Student to ownership of the intellectual property rights of the Course content. Teaching materials are provided solely for the Student's education, and copying, selling or any other form of distribution of this material is strictly prohibited.


12. The Student's accommodation is not included in the Course fee and as such the Course Director is in no way liable in the event of contention or litigation between the student and an accommodation provider.


13. The Student's travel is not included in the Course fee. Travel is arranged by the Student directly with the travel provider (airline, ferry, train, car hire etc.), and as such the Course Director is in no way liable in the event of contention or litigation between the Student and a travel provider.


14. Transport to and from airports is not included in the Course fee. However, the Course Director is happy to help organize this (free of charge) on the understanding that the arrangement is strictly between the Student and the transport provider, and as such the Course Director is in no way liable in the event of contention or litigation between the student and a transport provider.


15. Meals other than those mentioned in Clause 10 are not included in the Course fee, although breakfast may be included with the Student's accommodation, depending on the establishment concerned. The Student is responsible for organizing meals outside the Course timetable, and as such the Course Director is in no way liable in the event of contention or litigation between the student and a meal provider.


16. The five lunches mentioned in Clause 10 usually consist of three to four courses chosen from the set menu, consisting of soup and/or starter, main course and cheese and/or dessert. Two glasses of wine and coffee are included. Students are free to order "à la carte", but the additional cost of this and any other additional items should be settled at the end of the meal.


17. The Course Director holds the cash "kitty" (see Clauses 4 and 6 above) and settles the restaurant bill on behalf of the Students at the end of the meal. Every effort is made to select restaurants which are representative of local cuisine, and which offer a good location, good quality food and service, and good value for money. Should a student be dissatisfied with his meal , the Course Director will endeavour to rectify the situation there and then. However, as the Course Director is paying on behalf of the Student, using the Student's money, ultimately the contract is between the Student and the restaurant, and as such the Course Director is in no way liable in the event of contention or litigation between the two parties.


18. In case of bad or abnormal behaviour, the Course Director has the right to dismiss the Student at any time, with no refund or compensation.


19. The Course Director shall not be liable to the Student:


- For any temporary defect or stoppage in the supply of public services to the class premises, nor in respect of any equipment, plant, machinery or appliance in the class premises or garden.


- For any loss, damage or injury which is the result of adverse weather conditions, riot, war, strikes or other matters beyond the control of the Course Director.


- For any loss, damage or inconvenience caused to or suffered by the Student if the class premises or accommodation be destroyed or substantially damaged before the start of the Course. In such event the Course Director shall, within seven days of the notification to the Student, refund to the Student all sums previously paid in respect of the Course.


20. No responsibility can be accepted for any loss or damage to any motor vehicle or its contents.


21. The use of class premises and amenities where offered is entirely at the user's risk and no responsibility can be accepted for injury to a user or visitor and loss or damage to the user or visitor's belongings.


22. Under no circumstances shall the Course Director's liability to the Student exceed the amount paid to the Course Director for the Course.


23. The course is for adults and the minimum age is eighteen.