French residential courses in France

Here  you will find fun and useful links to French learning tools and helpful sites. We will keep adding to this page so check back often:

Intensive French immersion course in France

Industry standard translation tool

Practise writing down a spoken text

Ever wondered why French people have a certain way of writing? Here is how they learn from a very early age!

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 French immersion course for adults

Listen to podcasts with

Learn French by watching videos in an online video player designed for language learners

French language holidays for adults

France 24 en direct - great for hearing spoken French

Go here to get a full list of links to French radio stations streaming online:

French Rescue - Youtube channel : French songs with subtitles in English

French residential courses for adults  Mostly programs about culture, but also broadcasts popular TV shows

French course in France for adults

Listen to free audio books in French at

French language holidays

The Larousse online dictionary has French audiofiles with native speakers so you can check pronounciation.

A good video that teaches how to pronounce the French alphabet:

And another for the numbers 1 to 20:

Comme Une Française TV has some useful videos on youtube . Here's one to get you started:

Intensive French course in France

Build your repertoire of idiomatic expressions with Pierre... has a few good articles on French pronunciation...

Intensive French residential course for adults

Intensive French immersion course for adults

The only magazine from France for learners of French.

Find free e-books in French:

Read the news in French:

French immersion program for adults in France

A significant number of our students study with Alliance Française

Read French short stories in the New Penguin Parallel Texts series.