Intensive French immersion course in the Dordogne

Here are four short multiple-choice tests to help you assess your level of French. They range from pretty basic to fiendishly difficult.

These tests are for just for fun. Unless you are a beginner (in which case we have a programme specially for you), we will send you our French Assessment to evaluate your level before you come on the course.


Just click on the one you think is best suited to your abilities - but watch out, they're harder than you think!

Intensive French immersion course in France for adults
Photo: Robert Doisneau



 1. Easy French test - Beginners will like this one!


2. Tricky French test - Intermediate students - handle with care!


3. Hard French test - Think you're an advanced student? Let's see!


4. Nasty French test - Watch out! Even the French get these wrong!


Bonne chance!

REMEMBER: if you want a more accurate idea of your level of French, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll send you our official French Assessment.


French Culture Test

Intensive French language course in France

Are you as French as frogs' legs and Edith Piaf?

Or as un-French as chutney and Elvis Presley?


Our new French Culture Test will probe your knowledge of all things Gallic, with twenty multiple-choice questions on everything from cheese to René Lacoste.

Learn French with an intensive, friendly language course in the Lot & Dordogne area of France!