A few words from students on our residential courses . . .



I really enjoyed every aspect of my time in Gourdon. The course was excellent; I felt it was well geared to meet my needs and the teaching was spot on. I enjoyed the 'two teacher' approach and I think you are fortunate to have someone with Thierry's qualities working at the school. The balance of teaching, lunch and activities worked extremely well. My fellow course members were good companions and the chemistry between us worked well. My hosts were great; they made me very welcome and their hospitality was extremely generous. Gourdon itself is a terrific location, with so much to offer. Thanks for an excellent course!


Peter, Derby, UK



The course was exactly what I’d been looking for – a combination of great quality teaching with a fun approach to immersion in the local culture. I came away feeling so much more confident about speaking and the guided tours were particularly good for improving listening skills. The long lunches in carefully selected restaurants were a joy and, to complete the experience, I’d strongly recommend staying with a host family. My hosts were so warm and welcoming and they adapted their language perfectly to the two different levels of their guests – the long evenings of good food, wine and conversation will long be remembered!


Tania, Gillingham, Kent, UK



We had a marvelous and educational week. Giles, you are a truly gifted teacher. We enjoyed every minute of our lessons with you. Your insights into language and culture were wonderful and your enthusiasm for French language and culture was infectious. Thank you so much. We have many rich memories of our week here to take home with us. Merci!


Mark, Gillian and Kate, Ontario, Canada



I thought that the course was fantastic and will be a holiday up there as one of my favorites. To say that attending a French school was a holiday seems a little contradictory but you and Thierry manage to bring a charm and lightness of touch which is inspiring and a learning environment which is relaxed and enjoyable. We almost felt part of the community after spending one week there with our hosts and meeting all of your acquaintances! The key lesson for me was the modal verbs; it's opened up so many little every day sentences which I couldn't form before. I've already recommended the course to colleagues in the office; hopefully you'll meet them soon.


Katie and Simon, Aberdeen, UK



I am now at my sister's in England, and was sorry to leave France. By the end of my time there, I felt an enormous improvement in my ability to sustain prolonged conversations, and I have you and Marie to thank for giving me greater confidence and skill in using the language. Once again, it was a magic time for me, and I thank you for giving me that wonderful opportunity. I will certainly recommend your course to others.


Joanne, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia



We had a great time with you, so thank you very much.  Roy particularly enjoyed his individual instruction and feels he has made considerable progress in French. He can now hear separate words in spoken French, and I do think that is an enormous advance. It is no longer one long, incomprehensible stream of sound! I loved the whole of the week, not least the three and a half hours solid French conversation every night with our hosts. Exhausting for us all but most enjoyable. They were splendid and generous hosts.

Jane and Roy, Wantage, Oxfordshire, UK

I cannot say enough wonderful things about your French course. I was very impressed (being a teacher myself) with the way the classes were structured and run. My time in Gourdon was made doubly special by the opportunity to stay with my host family (an incredibly charming couple!) We never spoke English and they were incredibly kind about encouraging me with my attempted French. (I must admit I became far more of a linguist after a glass of wine!) I felt very lucky to be able to share their home and company.


Sherry, Portland, Oregon, USA



I thought that the course was very well structured and the content was also excellent. Each day was themed and timed very well to provide a manageable amount of information. Thierry was an excellent instructor and made adjustments to the course content to suit my abilities. I would also rate Thierry excellent in terms of explanation, teaching of different tenses, creating appropriate exercises, encouragement, and creating an easy going ambiance for the classes. The course has provided me with the capability to use past and future tenses, and also significantly increased my conversational vocabulary. I would highly recommend the course for anyone wanting to take their basic French to the next level or beyond.

Danny, Witney, Oxfordshire, UK


Thank you for all the touches that make visiting and staying in a new place so welcoming. The French course has been extending and exciting and the associated visits very interesting and linguistically challenging. The lunches were very expanding!


Lesley, Auckland, NZ

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